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  • A conversation card game to connect over your hopes, dreams, and also your sh*t 💩. Think Cards Against Humanity meets your therapist.
  • Geared towards guys, playable by all.
  • How to play: Pick a question to ask. Others write a response and share. Pick the one that speaks most to you and give 'em the card as a point. Game's over at 3 points.
  • Each game comes with 1 free month of therapy from Betterhelp and $1 goes to support Men's Mental Health.
  • Get 2+ and it ships free (it's a damn good gift).
  • Includes 90 Question Cards, 6 Dry Erase Card & Markers, and a sh*t ton of realness. 
  • 1-6 players. Ages 17+ (few swear words). 
  • Join us gettin' real on Instagram / Tiktok 

If you ain't gettin' real or hate the game we'll give you a refund. 

'We laughed. We shared. We got real. And we left closer to each other than we were before.'



'These cards bring together epic design + playfulness to create conditions for deeper and more meaningful connection.'

Johnny M.


'I bought it for my boyfriend and his guy friends. I was afraid they wouldn’t play and think it was too touchy-feely. They loved it. My boyfriend said he learned more about these men in an hour from this game than the entirety of their 15 year friendships. Him and I played it at home too and we absolutely love it. 11/10 would recommend!'

Kalee H.


Customer Reviews

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Sam H.
Getting Real

Stimulating, thought-provoking prompts, simple and elegant design, and those markers with the erasers on the cap. What more could you want from a game?

Justin Fuentes

Great game for game night

Alex Baker
Such a creative game

I bought the game for a friend as a gift, and received a few same cards on the website. Thoughtful questions, to help drive some meaningful conversations. Cant wait to play on our next boys trip.

Josh B.
The Real Deal

I played it over the weekend with some close friends and two of them ended up buying their own copies of the game that night! We loved it so much that we ended up playing with my wife and her sister, who have had a bit of strained relationship over the years--and some serious real talk happened that promoted the start of some real healing. It was amazing to watch! In fact, before she left, her sister asked if we could play it again the next weekend!

My buddies and I are planning to get together and play with some others that didn't get to play the first time after they heard us talking about all the real stuff we got into. Thanks for creating this game!

Jordan Topinka
Perfect for Mensgroup and beyond!

I played this with 4 other men in my men's group and the experience was addictive! We enjoyed everything from gut busting laughter to deep vulnerable shares. We began going deep without actively realizing it, it felt "cool" to get vulnerable. The conversations and connections left everyone with an incredible feeling I know we all want and need more of! Can't wait to involve family and women to play this as well! Superb, 10/10

Author with game

Just some guy tryin' to keep it real.

After my fair share of anxiety, I made this game seeing how much value I got from more open and depthful conversations, something left out of my upbringing as a guy. I saw these conversations not only supported my mental health, but more importantly, left me feeling more connected with others.
- Weston

P.S. Want the full story? Can read it here.