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  • A conversation card game to connect over your hopes, dreams, and also your sh*t 💩. Think Cards Against Humanity meets your therapist.
  • Geared towards guys, playable by all.
  • How to play: Pick a question to ask. Others write a response and share. Pick the one that speaks most to you and give 'em the card as a point. Game's over at 3 points.
  • Each game comes with 1 free month of therapy from Betterhelp and $1 goes to support Mens' Mental Health.
  • Includes 90 Question Cards, 6 Dry Erase Card & Markers, and a sh*t ton of realness. 
  • 1-6 players. Ages 17+ (few swear words). 
  • Get 2+ games and it ships free (it's a damn good gift) 🚢
  • Join us gettin' real on Instagram / Tiktok 

If you ain't gettin' real or hate the game we'll give you a refund. 

'We laughed. We shared. We got real. And we left closer to each other than we were before.'



'These cards bring together epic design + playfulness to create conditions for deeper and more meaningful connection.'

Johnny M.


'I bought it for my boyfriend and his guy friends. I was afraid they wouldn’t play and think it was too touchy-feely. They loved it. My boyfriend said he learned more about these men in an hour from this game than the entirety of their 15 year friendships. Him and I played it at home too and we absolutely love it. 11/10 would recommend!'

Kalee H.


Customer Reviews

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Robert Wolf
A very well conceived game

I'm a therapist and I use this game in my sessions with clients both individually and as part of relationship therapy and group therapy. It is SO good. I have a fondness for therapeutically aligned card games, so my bookshelves are full of boxes of cards, but this deck has become my "go to" for getting people to get engaged quickly. I am really impressed!

Anthony J Dondero
Great game for group therapy

I'm a therapist in residential substance use treatment, and I've enjoyed using this game for groups.

Great for group

My groups absolutely loves the LGR experience. I tweak it up a bit since I also have women in my groups. I have a few clients who asks to play it at least twice a week. The game creates space for authentic speaking. Thank you for creating this game that causes conversation and authenticity. I am a group facilitator for a behavioral healthcare facility

Beth Whitfield
Very interesting

The questions were very thought provoking. One of my friends was only going to stay for a few minutes but after asking some of the questions, he couldn't leave. It was great.

Patrick Bozarth
Great concept

I think this is a great concept and I enjoy it. My only suggestion for your company is to help promote community mental health centers. I received a coupon for counseling services at Better Help, and while I love the idea there and the fact that their platform is easy to access, I'm also concerned that companies like that take business away from community non-profits. I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an Executive Director for a community agency, and organizations like mine are struggling with continued decreases in grant funding and limited resources. My organization, like most community mental health centers, will not turn anyone away for inability to pay, and this really hurts our sustainability. Large for profits like Better Help don't have this problem, so while I respect and appreciate the work they do, I know that they also exacerbate the challenges we face. Please consider this request and how your company can help non-profits serve local communities. Thank you.